Diabetes: a close disease that is feared

Diabetes is a global scourge and our country is not spared because 3 million people today are diabetic. Every day, nearly 400 new patients are diagnosed and by 2020, the number of people treated will have doubled in the Hexagon. But what do French diabetes know? The point on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, November 14.

Knowledge about the disease largely overestimated

The United Nations adopted resolution 61/225 on 20 December 2006, which recognizes diabetes as a "chronic, disabling and costly disease with serious complications, poses serious risks to families, Member States And the whole world ". Since then, it has participated in the World Day against this scourge, which currently affects nearly 250 million people in the world 1 and 380 million in 15 years. 2 Despite these figures, the disease remains largely unknown. Novo Nordisk has carried out an unpublished study 3 with the FIFG to assess the French people's knowledge and image of the disease.

World Diabetes Day: ask for the program!

If diabetes is a disease to which the French are confronted, they have a fuzzy knowledge and the place of prevention remains small. So close to 3 out of 4 French people know a person with diabetes. In more than half of cases (57%), it is a person in the family (mainly type 2 diabetes).

Do they feel at risk? A quarter of French people (26%) believe that they have a high risk of developing diabetes. If a clear majority (61%) considers this risk to be low, only 15% consider it to be "very low or zero". Only 10% admit they have no idea about the issue.

And this is therefore a matter of major concern, since 56% of French people have already sought to know if they were personally suffering from diabetes. Nevertheless, this approach is predominantly among the oldest (83% of people over 65). Conversely, only 36% of the under-35s and 27% of the 15-24 year-olds have done so. The complications of diabetes are feared as 65% consider that diabetes can cause "very serious" complications, while 31% consider them "quite serious". Only 2% of respondents believe that the possible complications of the disease are "not serious", and none of them "not serious at all."

The French say they know a lot about diabetes: 81% say they know the disease well, and 23% think they know very well what it is. And two-thirds (64%) feel well informed about the disease. But this good knowledge claimed is to be relativized in the light of the spontaneous evocations related to diabetes. It should be noted that the reference to the disease predominates (88%) followed in minor by medical treatment (23%). Uncommon, lifestyle associations are only relevant for 11% of French people. And 6% of those who say they know the disease are unable to describe it in a few words.

In particular, for those who are able to evoke the disease in a few words, the references focus mainly on associations that are often vague and lack precision: sugar (52%), pancreas dysfunction (11%) And the existence of several types of diabetes (8%) are the main associations that emerge from this issue. References to medical treatment mainly refer to type 1 diabetes: insulin (16%), insulin injections / punctures (7%). References to lifestyles, which are marginal, show a low level of awareness about diabetes prevention issues, in particular type 2 diabetes. Only 11% compare diabetes and diets, and 1% associate diabetes and diabetes. Sport.

As part of the survey, a series of questions on food and physical practices was asked. As a result, it appears that risk behaviors are present in the French population. To raise awareness, the mobilization born of the World Diabetes Day is more necessary than ever. Several events organized on this occasion will allow you to know more about this "disease often silent".

To learn more about diabetes, do not hesitate to (re) discover our diabetes file.

1 -: www.worlddiabeteday.org 2 - International Diabetes Federation (IDF) 3 - Novo Nordisk-IFOP study, carried out between 15 and 17 September 2009, on a sample of 1,024 people representative of the elderly French population Of 15 years and over (quota method, after stratification by region and agglomeration category). 4 - AFD press release - October 2009 5 - Press release from Novo Nordisk laboratories - October 2009 6 - Press release from Roche laboratories - October 2009, 7 - Joint press release from the Ministry of Health and Laboratories Sanofi-Aventis and Accu-Chek - October 2009 8 - Press release from Novo Nordisk Laboratories - October 2009 9 - Giropharm Network press release - October 2009

The Diabetes and Nutrition Show takes place from 13 to 15 November (CNIT Paris-La Défense) 4. Organized by the French Diabetic Association, it allows the general public to benefit from numerous workshops and conferences around the disease. For the first time, this event opens up to the teenage public with an interactive lecture "Diabetes explained to the teenagers". An exhibition on complications or round tables "Flavors and health" in the presence of the chef Olivier Roellinger will allow everyone to get informed while being distracted. For more information, visit the AFD website: Bus Changing Diabetes travels through the United States. As part of this initiative of the Novo Nordisk laboratories, nurses, dieticians, doctors and sports coaches conduct mini conferences on the bus in the colors of Novo Nordisk 5.Grenoble (28 and 29/11), Paris (4 and 6/12), Clermont-Ferrand (7 and 8/12) and Chartres (9 and 11/12) will be the stage cities of the French tour. For more information, visit http://www.diabetesbus.novonordisk.com/ The Diabetes in Women site is a site dedicated to women and launched on the occasion of World Diabetes Day by laboratories Roche 6. Food, gynecology, sexuality, family, practical life ... Developed by health professionals of various specialties, Diabetes in Feminine concentrates all the information useful and necessary to the lives of women with diabetes. Visit the website http://www.diabeteaufeminin.fr/ from 14/11 The Burma Case ": the video game featuring for the first time a diabetic hero proves to be an excellent educational tool in order to The game is a playful way to discover the daily life of a person with diabetes. 7. To find out more, go to http://www.glucifer.net/Bougeons- nous contre le diabète "is a Roller & Marche hike organized by the laboratories Norvo Nordisk on November 14th in Paris, Strasbourg , Bordeaux and Marseille 8. Pharmacists from the Giropharm network in partnership with the AFD will create in their pharmacies a screening area dedicated to diabetes. A unique opportunity to raise awareness of the risk factors for this disease 9.