From 40 years, the skin no longer suffers that one neglects it. Made with regularity, the anti-aging care offered in institutes become real partners of beauty and youth.

After 40 years, everything is read on the face: the excesses - too much tobacco, sun or stress - but also care provided. Fortunately, it is never too late: well caring for your skin makes it possible to find a new youth and to erase the signs of the time. "The life of a woman is punctuated by the hormonal changes, from puberty to menopause," explains Dr. Olivier Courtin, director of research at Clarins. There is a slowing down of certain functions: synthesis of vitamin D (cell cohesion, hydration), decreased cellular energy (firmness of the skin), cellular leaks in water, vitamins, oligo Estrogen deficiency often results in dryness of the tissues and sagging skin.To prevent the skin from losing its elasticity and wrinkle, it will be necessary to nourish it and compensate for its failures even before the signs are visible. >

A pleasure needed

No more cigarettes, indiscriminate sun exposure, too short nights, unbalanced diet and lack of physical activity! It is the moment when to adopt a hygiene of life well in all respects and to opt for cosmetics enriched in anti-aging principles. To perfect the maintenance of a skin mast, nothing better than the institute. Among the small pleasures to be offered, a monthly session in the esthetician: ideal to prolong the youth of the face and the firmness of the features.

Refining, regenerating, relaxing

The course of an anti-aging care differs little from a classic care in institute. On the other hand, the applied products change according to the needs of a skin mast. After carefully removing make-up from the face, the beautician applies a lotion and then carries out a scrub to remove the dead skin. The skin is then perfectly cleaned, able to absorb the products that will be applied to it. Removed of its impurities, it regains a more radiant and rested complexion, its grain refines. The applied mask is firming and regenerating. At Clarins, the esthetician makes it completely penetrate thanks to a modeling that stimulates the lymphatic channels of the face. Purpose of the maneuver: refining and firming the features that over time tend to relax, tone the skin to increase its resistance to fatigue. Extremely relaxing, the modeling is followed by the application of a tightening and firming serum for the anti-wrinkle effect and then a moisturizing and anti-pollution day cream. The care shows the rested and re-inflated traits and the complexion visibly thinned.

The care costs on average an hour and the prices oscillate around 30 to 35 € uros (54 € uros at Clarins, list of institutes at tel 01 46 24 01 81)