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    Periodontal Disease - Prevent Periodontal Diseases


    Too often it is forgotten that the health of the teeth depends on the health of the gums and the bone that support them. Periodontal disease affects nearly 80% of adults and the vast majority of the resulting wastage can be avoided if prevention is brought to the fore.

    Do Omega 3s protect periodontal disease?

    Pathology leading to destruction of the periodontium (tooth support tissue), periodontitis can have severe consequences. But it is possible to stop the progression. "Read our article

    Gums, prevention is better than cure

    Two new studies published in November 2010 suggest that omega-3s contribute to the prevention of periodontitis. They would act thanks to their anti-inflammatory action. Hélène Rangé, a periodontist in the odontology department of the Garancière-Rothschild Hospital in Paris, reads the latest data: Read our article

    The diseases of the gums *

    We can never repeat it enough, brushing our teeth not only prevents cavities, it also helps to preserve its gums. An essential gesture when we know that periodontal disease affects nearly 80% of adults. All you need to know to effectively prevent these problems Read our article

    Do not lose your teeth with age

    Treatment of Periodontal Diseases

    Take care of your gums

    Gum Diseases: Test Your Knowledge

    Dental calculus in 6 questions

    Preventing the fall of teeth

    Gingivitis in ten questions: a frequent disease not to trivialize

    Gum transplant: an update on the intervention

    Dental abscess: stop the infection without waiting

    A beautiful smile is of course healthy and white teeth, but also a gum in good condition. Barefoot teeth, a gum that bleeds are not signs of good health. However, the tearing of the teeth can begin very early in adolescence and in a way that is not very visible. Read our article

    Contrary to an accepted idea, the loss of teeth with age is not inevitable. Periodontal diseases are the main causes. If their severity and prevalence increase with age, they can be prevented. Otherwise, beware of complications! Read our article

    Periodontal or gum disease includes gingivitis and periodontitis. From painful gums to loosening, they affect nearly 80% of adults. How to respond to these pathologies? we tours the available treatments Read our article

    Gum disease is the first cause of falling teeth in adults. At the root of these problems are poor oral hygiene, dietary imbalance or simple hormonal changes. To keep a bright smile, it is better to take care of her gums as well as her teeth .. Read our article

    Pain, redness and bleeding are the symptoms of a gum problem. These disorders are as unpleasant as they are common. Do you recognize them? Warn them? we offers you a "True / False", to test your knowledge.Test yourself!

    Effective brushing is essential to prevent the formation of tartar. In addition, specialists advocate annual scaling to keep gums healthy and take the opportunity to remind patients of good habits. The advice of Dr. Morgan Lowenstein, Doctor of Dental Surgery Read our article

    The fall of teeth is no longer a fatality and especially not the prerogative of the elderly. To avoid being confronted with this situation, it is necessary to know certain bases of prevention and to forget a lot of preconceived ideas: Read our article

    Gingivitis is manifested by a gum which bleeds easily with brushing, sometimes spontaneously. In the United States, 80% of the 35-44 year olds are concerned. Among them, many are unaware of the disease or underestimate the risks of not treating it. For if the inflammation of the gum is benign and inconsequential, its evolution in periodontitis can be done in silence and lead to the loss of teeth .. Read our article

    Apart from gingivitis and severe periodontitis, the gums rarely speak of them. They can however diminish and leave the roots exposed with a risk of tooth decay and hypersensitivity. This gingival recession1 may also compromise the aesthetic appearance of the smile.Read our article

    Bacterial infection often painful, the abscess dental is characterized by swelling of the gum and is accompanied by a febrile state and difficulties of chewing. Untreated, it can lead to serious complications. Read our article

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    Re: Periodontal Disease - Prevent Periodontal Diseases

    Periodontal disease is caused when bacteria in plaque (a sticky, colorless film that forms in the mouth) builds up between the gums and teeth. When the bacteria begin to grow the gums surrounding the tooth can become inflamed. Adding these habits to your daily routine can help to prevent periodontal diseas.

    1.Brushing your teeth regularly
    2.Flossing you teeth at least once a day
    3.Swish with mouthwash
    4.Know your risk
    5.See a periodontist

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    Re: Periodontal Disease - Prevent Periodontal Diseases

    Nice post! I am a budding dentist but I also am scared of the dental treatments. I can treat my patients but I don’t think I can get treated by one. Anyways, this is a very helpful post. I also think that the intensive case management that are available at places helping a lot of people getting good advices.

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    Re: Periodontal Disease - Prevent Periodontal Diseases

    Swollen and draining gums are early signs that your gums are contaminated with bacteria. In the case of nothing is done, the contamination can spread. It can devastate the structures that help your teeth in your jawbone. In the long run, your teeth can turn out to be loose to the point that they must be removed.
    If you are suffering any type of teeth pain and feel any type of symptoms don't be delay, at that point you should be concern with best dental clinic.

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