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Thread: The Golden Rules of Dental Hygiene

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    The Golden Rules of Dental Hygiene

    Teeth, you will brush after each meal

    Caries and diseases of the gums responsible for dental losses and painful and expensive care can be prevented by relatively simple daily hygiene. Do not hesitate to ask your dentist for advice.

    A soft toothbrush, nylon, you will choose and change it every three months

    Even though we are now more respectful of our dental hygiene, some progress is still possible. What are the essential rules for good dental health?

    The right technique, you will use

    Dental plaque, a whitish deposit where bacteria proliferate, cause caries and inflammation of the gums. As it is reconstituted in a few hours, it is essential to eliminate it by brushing at least twice a day.

    Brushing, you will complete with the silk thread

    A hard toothbrush can injure the gums and damage the teeth enamel. A worn toothbrush is no longer effective. Electric toothbrushes can be advantageously used, provided the end is regularly changed.

    The dentist, you will consult annually

    Attention to children

    The dental grooves of your children, you will seal

    To the dental hygiene of your children, you will ensure

    Place the toothbrush inclined at 45 ° astride the teeth and gums and brush the teeth and gums, top and bottom of the jaw separately, from the gum to the tooth with a rotating motion , For three minutes.

    The use of a dental floss, in addition to the brushing, makes it possible to remove the dental plaque on the lateral faces of the teeth. For people with discolored teeth or prostheses that leave spaces inaccessible to the brush, it is important to use interdental sticks or brushes to remove dental plaque at the base of the teeth and stimulate the gum. Jet machines are also useful in these cases to remove food debris and massage the gums.

    An annual visit to the dentist makes it possible to detect early onset caries and will be the occasion to practice scaling, to eliminate plaque. Two scaling sessions are reimbursed by the Social Security. But sometimes more are needed. If the plaque is not detected in time, it develops deeply and forms a pocket between the base of the tooth and the gum, which may eventually cause teeth to become loose. At this stage, curettage under local anesthesia is necessary. This is not reimbursed by social security (price: 69 to 92 € uros per session).

    The teeth of our children are fragile and precious. To protect them from caries and other inconveniences, here are some tips to ensure a bright smile.

    At adolescence the risk of dental caries is particularly high. In 80% of cases, these caries develop in the furrows of the molars. By casting a film of synthetic resin fluid on the furrows, it is possible to prevent these caries. This treatment can be performed as soon as the first molars leave. It is reimbursed by the Social Security until the age of 14.

    The bottles of sugared water or milk left to the small child in the evening in its bed wreak havoc, allowing to develop dental plaques and early caries. Similarly the sweets are to be proscribed in the evening. Whenever possible, sugar-free candy or chewing gum should be preferred.

    Additional fluoride intakes in the mother, during pregnancy, and in childhood can be advised by the doctor to strengthen the teeth. Finally, it is essential to let the child know the use of the toothbrush, from the age of two or three years.

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    Re: The Golden Rules of Dental Hygiene

    The golden rules to maintain your Oral Hygiene are the following,

    -Brush your teeth regularly
    -Floss your teeth prior to brushing
    -Regular Dental visits
    -Choose the right Mouth Wash for your oral health
    -Avoid Chipped Teeth
    -Limit Acidic Drinks.
    -Use Sugar-Free Gum Chew sugar-free gum in between brushing after meals

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