Case of Dépakine: return on a health scandal

No fewer than 128,000 people are hospitalized each year after taking medication. It is most often possible to avoid these unfortunate consequences with some precautions. Discover the main side effects and the risks of dependence on psychoactive drugs.

Side effects

Congenital malformations, developmental disturbances ... The harmful effects for the fetus of depakine prescribed against epilepsy and bipolar disorders are known today. But today, many victims families report a lack of information and a late response from health authorities and / or laboratories. we looks back on this health scandal Read our file

Psychoactive drugs: attention to addictions

Depending on their origin, there are various side effects. Side effects, toxic, side effects, photosensitizing drugs ... Overview of the most common adverse consequences

If some psychoactive drugs do not result in physical dependence, a psychic addiction is possible. What are the risks, advice and figures of these dangerous routes? All information with the MILDT.