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    Hair Removal - All Hair Removal

    Maillot: what men prefer

    The epilation of the jersey is not always an easy subject to discuss, even less with men ... We went to ask these gentlemen what they think about the various forms of depilation of the jersey

    What's new

    Before going to the beach, to put on a skirt or just to feel clean, we are all looking for the perfect hair removal. But how do you find yourself between the cold wax, the hot wax or the razor in front of these hairs that do not end up repelling ?! we recommends you for smoother skin.

    Hair removal cream

    Waxing yes, but why? Between those that have only a simple down and those that suffer from hyperpilosity, the depilation does not have the same interest for each of us. we tackles the problem of hairs at the root!


    Most beauty institutes swear by waxing. By removing the hair and its bulb, waxing can delay the regrowth of the hair. Yes but here, waxing is not advisable to the most sensitive ...

    Electric hair removal

    Permanent epilation

    Epilation of the jersey

    Hair removal

    Eyebrow removal

    Hair growth

    Epilation and pregnancy

    All our articles for hair removal!

    With the razor, there was always a small risk of cutting. But it is now ancient history! Today, new manual shavers are becoming more and more secure. No more risk of getting the slightest scratch.

    The taboos on the intimate depilation of the shirt fall gradually. Between the integral, the bikini or the subway ticket, we raises the veil on a hair removal that assumes.

    When you are a woman, displaying a mustache or a strong down can be very complex. we tells you how to get rid of these hairs gently and painlessly!

    The depilatory cream, like the razor, is to be reserved for the most cozy. It helps to get rid of her hair without pain. Small inconvenience is a bit longer than the razor and even if some products make efforts, the smell is not always the most pleasant.

    Hair removal of eyebrows is an art. This small area of ​​hair above our eyes gives depth to our eyes. It is therefore important to draw a harmonious curve that will respect your traits.

    The ultimate hair removal is the promise of legs always perfect! With lasers, definitely say bye bye to his hairs and within reach ... almost ...

    We had not done anything more effective in hair removal for a long time. Fast, space-saving and economical because quickly cushioned, the electric epilator has more than one trump in its engine.

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    Re: Hair Removal - All Hair Removal

    Natural method for unwanted hair removal,
    Take 4-5 spoons of turmeric powder and add 2 spoons of rose water, mix it well. Apply it on your skin where you want to remove unwanted hair and wash it off with warm water after 15-20 mins.

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    Re: Hair Removal - All Hair Removal

    Other types of hair removal

    *Depilatory creams
    *Medications of unwanted hair

    Hope this helps!

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