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    Mouth Care

    Wash your teeth twice a day at minimum

    Constantly subjected to multiple external aggressions of climatic, food or bacterial origin, the enamel of your teeth wears out and makes the teeth more fragile. Your gums also lose their tone and end up retracting. To keep a nice smile, a fresh breath and nice teeth, follow our complete care of the mouth.

    Tone your gums by massaging them

    Keep a fresh breath

    The brushing of the teeth takes place at least twice a day, it is carried out starting from the top of the gums to the teeth. A horizontal brushing will damage the enamel and sensitize the collars on the edge of the gums.Turn a toothbrush every three months or less. A new toothbrush removes 30% more dental plaque than a used brush.

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    Re: Mouth Care

    Great tips. Well, Good oral health can have so many wonderful life-changing benefits. From greater self-confidence to better luck in careers and relationships, a healthy smile can truly transform your visual appearance, the positivity of your mind-set, as well as improving the health of not only your mouth but your body too.

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    Re: Mouth Care

    Yes mouth care plays a very important role in living a very healthy life. A bad dental hygiene can leads to many different health problems.

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