Whether your hair is thick and / or delicate, they will love the new no-rinse serums by Jean-François Lazartigue. After only one application on the length and the tips, your hair regains softness and shine and the whole without being weighed and especially without fat effect!

Whether shea butter or soya milk, Jean-François Lazartigue's new serums will truly boost the luster and beauty of your hair. We tested them on short hair accustomed to brushings and the result from the first application is very convincing.

The shea butter serum is enriched with vitamins E and F to treat and nourish the hair in depth. It sleeves and smoothes hair fiber to better repair damaged spikes.

The soy milk serum has been designed to strengthen the split ends. It smoothes scales to better shine fine and dry hair.

We were seduced by these two serums which are true concentrates of beauty and vitality for our hair. Enclosed in pretty, clean bottles, these serums restore brilliance and shine intensely if the hair is not too damaged (otherwise some additional applications will be needed).

Beauty addicts who care about their beauty as well as their well-being will retain the fact that these sera do not contain paraben. But the advantage of these treatments, in addition to their effectiveness and their gourmet perfumes, is that they are without rinsing and especially non-greasy. They do not leave greasy veils that would weigh or give an impression of dirty hair. No, the serums make the hair fiber shiny and ultra soft to the touch. With Jean-François Lazartigue's special dry hair rinses, say goodbye to dry hair and hello to softness and lightness!

Shea butter nourishing serum (dry and thick hair) / Soy milk softening serum (dry and delicate hair) - Jean-François Lazartigue - 29 € (30 ml bottle)