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Thread: Smoker.

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    Hey! I started smoking to get away from stress. Now, I am an addict. How do I stop?

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    Re: Smoker.

    People smoke because of peer pressure, stress, etc.However cigarette smoking harsh nearly every organ of the body, causes many diseases, and reduces the health of smokers in general.Smoke can trigger an asthma attack.The breathing of other people's cigarette smoke may also cause cancer.

    Tips to quit smoking
    *Get out of the house for a walk.
    *Chew gum or hard candy.
    *Keep your hands busy with a pen or toothpick, or play a game in the QuitGuide app.
    *Drink lots of water.
    *Relax with deep breathing.
    *Go to a movie.
    *Spend time with non-smoking friends and family.
    *Go to dinner at your favorite smokefree restaurant.

    Hope this helps.

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