Uneasy back pain - Modern lower back pain therapy
What can cause back pain? Is warming ointment and massage enough to relieve back pain? Here are the treatments that heal the sick spine. The problem of the sore spine is more and more serious - more than half of Poles who take part in the survey back pain centers of America suffer from back pain.

Difficulties during bending, getting out of bed, sitting and even breathing - back pain significantly hinders daily functioning. Unfortunately, a very large number of people complain about this type of discomfort. There are many reasons for back pain - from incorrect posture, congenital malformations, to injuries or inflammation. How to effectively deal with this health problem and get rid of everyday painful discomfort?

Why does the backbone hurt?

The spine supports the human body in an upright position and is responsible for its efficiency and flexibility. It is composed of 32-34 vertebrae (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral vertebrae) forming the sacrum and 3-5 vertebrae, which make up the coccyx.

Causes of spine pain

Doctors that specialize in back pain estimate that up to 90% of people complain of back problems at least once in their lifetime. The most common causes of back pain include:

Incorrect posture,
Lack of physical activity,
Sedentary lifestyle
Excessive physical effort

Best lower back pain doctor
near me advice for the lower back pain can also be the result of congenital defects, injuries, and inflammation. Chronic back pain problems may be caused by degenerative diseases of the spine, diseases of internal organs, osteoporosis or cancer.

Treatment of lower back pains

To take care of the condition of your spine, you should exercise regularly, remember about the proper body weight and correct posture.
A good solution for people struggling with back pains is also the use of a qualified physiotherapist and back pain centers of America. After a detailed interview and examination, doctors that specialize in back pain will select the appropriate treatment for the patient's state of health. The right program of exercises and massages performed in the office of manual therapy and rehabilitation effectively treats pain syndromes in the spine.

Lower Back pain on the right or left

If back pain does not come directly from the spine but is associated with dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system, it is only a result of pain projection from other areas; it is difficult to clearly indicate their cause and location. The patient suspects that the back pain from the right side is suspected mainly of kidney problems. Meanwhile, internal diseases causing such ailments are much more. Occasionally, the only symptom of internal disease becomes the back pain. Localized changes can cause abdominal pain, back pain Thoracic diseases of the lower abdomen - pain in the lumbar region and the pelvic disease - in cross-section. The pain is deep and diffuse. The most common ailments are heart diseases, pneumonia, gastric or duodenal ulcers.

Other causes of chronic back pain and lower back pain include osteoporosis - bone demineralization for various reasons, such as long immobilization, hyperthyroidism or corticosteroids. The weakening of the skeleton can lead to vertebral fractures, whose main symptoms are pain and loss of growth.