Endodontics, root canals, are commonly considered to be the worst dental service you may need or extremely painful - when in reality they can be as comfortable as a placed filler. Root canals get their bad reputation from stories of those who have overlooked a serious problem. Root canals when done early, before the infection is very severe, are usually very comfortable.

Once the endodontics is finished, the next step is to have a crown on the tooth. A crown is necessary in this situation because the nerve of the tooth has been removed and this was the only means of blood supply to the tooth. Now basically the tooth dries, they become brittle and very likely to break. To protect the tooth from this, a crown is placed to keep the teeth together. In our office, if the tooth receives a root canal no longer has a crown; we usually perform both procedures simultaneously. This saves the total number of visits and provides a temporary crown on the tooth immediately to help protect it during and immediately after the root canal procedure.

Here are some reasons why the nerve of a tooth can become infected:

Decay is obtained near or reaches the nerve of the tooth
A hard blow on a tooth causes the nerve to react negatively
Multiple services on the same tooth can cause a nerve to be hyper sensitive and start dying
A fissure in a tooth that extends to the nerve chamber
Severe gum disease allows bacteria to reach the tip of the root and infect the tooth

Before Root Canal Houston was common practice, teeth in the above conditions were often removed as the only means of solving the problem. Now, many more teeth are able to save, helping patients maintain their natural teeth for a lifetime. Root canals are not yet 100% effective and in some cases even several attempts at endodontic treatment can still result in the eventual loss of a tooth, but it is a small percentage.

If you have a tooth that is causing pain - you need to see a dentist for an immediate diagnosis. The sooner a tooth is diagnosed the easier it is to save the tooth. Saving a tooth is still a much less expensive option than having to replace it with fixed bridges or implants.

Only an X-Ray and your dentist can tell you if you need a root canal by Root Canal Dentist Near Me. But if you have a single tooth that is consistently painful, especially when you bite, you definitely have a problem that needs attention.

When does an infected tooth become an emergency?

Infected teeth can be very painful. If the pain is severe, or the infection spreads beyond the tooth, you should make an emergency appointment as soon as you can.

Do root canals hurt?

Usually they are a huge relief, because they put an instant stop to the pain caused by the infection.
During the procedure, numb the tooth and area around it, just like we would for a cavity. If you feel pain during a root canal, or any other procedure, let your Root Canal Near Me dentist know.