The placement of Dental Veneers Houston has become today one of the most requested aesthetic dental treatments. A totally logical success if we take into account that its advantages when it comes to improving the patient's smile, are far above the drawbacks. Next, we will show you a list of all these advantages and disadvantages, to corroborate that your demand is justified.

Advantages of porcelain veneers

As we discussed earlier, there are multiple advantages of this type of dental Veneers In Houston TX. The aesthetic improvement they provide through changes in the position, shape and colour of the teeth is remarkable.

Despite being really thin sheets, they are very resistant to abrasion, wear or dental fracture and their colour or shape does not vary with the passage of time.

People who are concerned about the comfort of this type of Porcelain Veneers Houston should know that they are extremely comfortable when talking or eating. One of its advantages, perhaps the main one, is that they integrate perfectly in the mouth, since its union with dental enamel is very strong. This also provides a total dissimulation with respect to the rest of the teeth and no one will notice that you are wearing them.

Finally we finish this description of advantages talking about its surface, which is perfectly polished and therefore will hinder the deposit of the plate in its area.

Disadvantages of porcelain veneers

The time has come to talk about the disadvantages or disadvantages of porcelain veneers, which, like everything else in life, also have them.
· One of the most controversial factors and in many cases, a great disadvantage, is its economic cost, which is relatively high when compared to that of composite resin veneers. This is mainly due to the fact that the materials that make them are more expensive.

· In some cases it is not possible to remove them easily and it may have been necessary to perform a dental carving prior to their placement, so in case we want to recover the original shape of the tooth, we would have problems.

· Another negative aspect is the tooth sensitivity that can lead to a dental veneer, since at the time of placing it removes part of the tooth enamel. This may promote some hypersensitivity to cold or hot foods and drinks.

· The last negative aspect that we find in dental veneers is that sometimes their color does not coincide identically with the rest of teeth. However, this is an aspect that has an easy solution, since we can attach tooth whitening to the treatment of the veneers. In this way you can get the bright white smile that the patient was looking for.

After knowing both the pros and the cons of the placement of porcelain veneers in the denture, it seems evident that it is a really advisable intervention from the aesthetic point of view and it is no wonder that they are so demanded nowadays by patients with severe dental stains or minor dental misalignments.