In summer, the fragility of our veins is subjected to a severe test between warmth and air conditioning. Avoiding or relieving heavy legs in the office is possible!

When the heat comes, when we have to work in the office sitting (instead of paddling in the pool on vacation ...), our veins tend to expand. The blood pressure increases and the venous return is lazy. A few simple gestures will help you.

1. Choose your outfits, Fashion outfit! Side shoes, pay attention to the Spartans and other shoes with flanges that cut the circulation or to the shoes too tight. To avoid the veins swelling and dilate, bet on the right shoes. Neither too high nor too flat. At the office, you do not need to play fashion shows New generations of wooden sandals are designed just for your gambettes. Thanks to the inclination of the sole, they work the muscles of the legs and thighs and relaunch the blood circulation. For once, do your shopping in pharmacy, many models, always more glam 'will know how to seduce you: On the clothing side, forget all those who compress traffic. The corsairs that squeeze the calves or slim that compress the leg will remain at the bottom of your closet. You dresses and skirts ample and light. Enjoy this summer, the fashion is long and vaporous dresses, ideal to hide your legs a little swollen.

2. Uncross and elevate your legs Some habits are to be banished. To start by crossing the legs under his desk, because this creates a pressure that blocks the venous return. Ask your staff to equip your desk with a footrest, to raise your legs, it is better than nothing, even if it would be ideal to place them at the height of the thighs ...

3. Change your diet, This is the perfect time to go green. The markets abound with fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants. To you the peppers, strawberries, tomatoes ... To strengthen the wall of the vessels, it is possible to draw in the vitamins and to cope with the venous problems. It is the vitamin E that you need in priority. It is found in cereals and germinated seeds. The walnuts, hazelnuts and fresh almonds, the fish a little fat. It's up to you to put them on the menu for your summer lunch. And do not forget that overweight is an aggravating factor of venous disease.

4. Drink! Also do not forget to drink at least 1.5 liters of water, this favors the drainage of the tissues. To be sure of this, put a bottle of water on your desk. Those who will not be satisfied with pure water will be able to add herbal preparations. Choice of Fragon, Hamamelis or the leaves of the red vine or the cypress cones rich in antioxidants which are indicated in front of the problems of fragility of the vessels. Horse chestnut is known for its effect on haemorrhoids, but its bark or seeds are also used for circulation problems. You may not know, but drinking hot is highly recommended in the middle of summer.

5. Discover the legging of contention ... Today the creators move the jar to find new materials that activate the venous system by operating a so-called "lymphodynamic" compression. That promote the return of blood to the heart. Much prettier than the stockings dear to our great grandmothers, leggings surf on the trend.

6. Go to work on foot. Some sports, including walking, facilitate venous return. At each step, the vessels under the foot are compressed and propel the blood upwards. The muscular work of the legs and calves which contract allows to pump the blood and to push it towards the heart. So more hesitation, get off two subway stations before your usual stop, you will feel better all day .; If you prefer biking, no problem! This sport is also recommended as the pedaling movement stimulates the contraction of the leg muscles. At lunch time, think of practicing an aquatic activity that will restart the venous return smoothly. The hydrobike combines the benefits of cycling and drainage. You pedal in swimming pool in 28 ° water on a specific bike, without chain. This technique allows to work in resistance the deep muscles, and ensures a draining effect by a water massage. 20 minutes a day are enough. You can also go swimming ... Long live the summer!

7. Back home, pamper yourself: On your way home, when you return from the office, reverse the steam and lying in your bed, put your feet on the wall. 10 minutes are enough. Another tip: do not hesitate to pass your legs under the jet of shower, cold, of course. Ankles up the thighs. For a good night's sleep and prepare for the best tomorrow, elevate the feet of your bed.

8. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor. If you are working upright or in an overheated environment, do not hesitate to report your venous disorders to your doctor. Your generalist is also an ally who can help you to bear better this difficult period. Venous insufficiency is a true disease, better to prevent it to avoid complications. Effective treatments exist, do not suffer in silence.