Judith MacKay, Atlas / World Collection, 25,76 € uros, 128 pages.
Wondering if you are in the standard, the world standard? And well you will know everything … The atlas of sexuality in the world is not a book of images but numbers. Judith MacKay, Physician and Advisor to the World Health Organization, explores all statistics on sexuality and reproduction.

You are circumcised, more than 50% American are like you. You are not and you join the 90% of the English who are not (the figures are not known for all the countries).

You like group sexual activity, there you are in the minority. According to the figures 1% of women and 14% of men in the United States appreciate this practice.

The figures speak and show us that the taboo on sexuality is always present. For example, the average age of first sex education is 12 years, but 58% of adults believe that it should be provided before ... The figures also show that sex education has a very positive effect on the use of Contraception or the reduction of early pregnancies. But one can wonder about the content of this sex education when one learns in this book that in the United States in 1994 "The director general of health (the equivalent of a secretary of state) Functions for suggesting that school education should mention masturbation as an integral part of human sexuality. "

These statistics are rich in teachings, they allow us, among other things, to see the progress made and what remains to be done so that sexuality finds its right place in education, in research and also in our life. Code>