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Thread: How can you treat cataracts?

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    How can you treat cataracts?

    The only effective way of treating loss of vision is through surgery. Cataract surgery is very common. During the surgery the clouded lens are removed. The lens is what makes it possible for a person to focus on an object. When it is removed it can be replaced with an artificial lens which is called an IOL. At times this may not be used and glasses or lenses will make up for the lens that has been removed. Surgery may not be needed and it could be delayed for many months. There's a significant amount of people who have cataracts and do just fine with glasses and/or contacts.

    When it comes to treating cataracts in a child, it's important to do it early so that it doesn't get I the way of the development of normal vision.
    Whether or not it is needed in an adult is going to depend on the degree of vision loss and whether or not it is getting in the way of their ability to function.

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    How can you treat catar

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