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Climate is semi-arid to arid, along the coasts, winters are humid and summers hot and dry, the climate is more arid on the high plateaus, with cold winters and hot summers. The sirocco, a hot wind loaded with sand and dust, is common in summer.

Risk to travelers

Algerian dinar

Representation in the United States

Valid passport and visa.

French representation on site

Yellow fever: absent in this country. Vaccinate only in case of prior residence in an area where the disease is present. This measure does not apply to you if you come from Europe, North, Central and Southern America, Asia or Oceania.

Meningitis: Meningococcal vaccination is mandatory for pilgrims going to Mecca.

Group 1 countries: Preventative treatment based on chloroquine required, consult your doctor.

Attention to the consequences due to exposure to sun and heat, especially in young children and elderly people, and in case of stay in the Saharan region, precautions are necessary (photoprotectants, suppression of all photosensitizing drugs) Code>

The risk of bilharziasis exists only in dispersed foci

Given the frequency of hydatiosis and rabies, it is recommended not to approach dogs.

Embassy of Algeria in the United States

50, rue de Lisbonne 75008 Paris Tel .: 01 53 93 20 20 Fax: 01 42 25 10 25

Embassy of the United States in Algeria

25, chemin Gaddouche, Hydra 1600 Alger, Tel .: [213] 21 69 24 88, Fax: [213] 21 69 13 69, http://www.ambathe United
In the north of Algeria (Oued Djil Jouaca - Khemis-el-Khechna) In the pre-Saharan or Saharan oasis punctual zones