Cosmetic surgery better framed

Even if cosmetic surgery is increasingly framed, some patients still fall on unscrupulous people who self-proclaim aesthetic surgeons and there, the damage can be dramatic, so be vigilant about the choice of Practitioner and to know the risks involved.

How to choose a surgeon?

As stipulated in the law on patients' rights, two decrees aiming to better supervise cosmetic surgery should soon be born. The ultimate objective is to restore order in the profession, both at the level of the institutions, the period of reflection of the patient and the skills of the practitioners. >
For an ethic of aesthetics

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Breast Implants: What Are the Risks?

Today, aesthetic surgery operations are becoming more and more controlled. Despite this, the dream sometimes turns into a nightmare. The victims keep the traces of these failures as so many physical and psychological wounds. In distress, they often struggle to obtain redress. A renowned speech therapist, Muriel Bessis has made the sad experience. Today President of the Association of successes and failures of cosmetic surgery (ARCHES), she explains to us the missions and the objectives of 1,500 members, Read our article

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