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Thread: Shampoo for Hair Health - Hair Loss

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    Shampoo for Hair Health - Hair Loss

    Good health goes through good hygiene

    Dull, brittle, fine, rough, falling ... With our rhythm of life our hair see in all colors. It is urgent to take them in hand before they are really in poor health and do not fall by handfuls. Marc Delacre, hairdresser and creator of the beauty institute of the same name, gives us his tips to keep hair full of vitality.

    The hair is a very complex machine composed of a stem, free part that emerges on the surface of the scalp and a root (bulb), implanted in a hair follicle. Their number varies between 100,000 and 150,000. One hair lives on average five years, then it dies and falls to be replaced by another, and this about 25 times. The life of a hair is thus very fragile and in case of repeated aggressions, it risks gradually not to be replaced any more. It is therefore essential to take care of her hair by first washing it well.

    Start by properly wetting the hair by leaving them a good time under the spray. Then, take a little shampoo in the palm of your hand and apply it on your hair. Do not rub the scalp too much, but rather massage it gently. So that the active ingredients of the shampoo have time to take effect, the ideal is to let it rest for a few moments. Then emulsify with a little water and resume the massage. It is useless to make two shampoos - especially if you wash them very frequently. This unnecessarily sensitizes the scalp.

    Once the shampoo is finished, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly. Rinsing is almost more important than washing. If residues of shampoo remain in the hair, dandruff and itching will be guaranteed. How to know if they are well rinsed? They must squeal under their fingers. The most courageous will end with a jet of fresh water (excellent for the scalp and for shining hair).

    Let hair dry in the most natural way possible and avoid hair dryers, explains Marc Delacre. If you live in a big city, it is best to take out the hair very dry. Indeed, dust clings more easily on wet hair.

    Brushes and combs are not recommended for styling, provided they are used with delicacy.

    Finally, it is important to treat her hair according to its nature. Because in the same way as the skin, there are dry hair, and greasy hair. To these problems is often added others such as excessive fragility, dandruff or seasonal falls that must imperatively be treated to find beautiful hair.

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    Re: Shampoo for Hair Health - Hair Loss

    Best shampoos for hair loss
    a. Keranique Hair Loss Shampoo
    b. Procerin Hair Loss Shampoo
    c. Lipogaine Hair Re-Growth Shampoo

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