Brrr! Winter is here, and the cold that goes with it. To protect your skin from aggressions, discover the products selected by the we editorial staff. Small survival kit for a cloudless season.

Cold Cream, Body Emulsion - Avène

Your skin dries out, tugging, in short it needs to be nourished. Soothing, anti-irritant, the Avène Cold Cream emulsion hydrates, protects, softens the epidermis denuded by the cold. The active ingredients in this formula are particularly rich and nourishing. Results: used daily after the toilet, this very soft emulsion allows the skin to find suppleness, comfort and appeasement.

The 400 ml pump bottle: 17,12 € Pharmacies and parapharmacies

Kelyane Dermatologic Lip Cream - Ducray

Aie! Nothing more unpleasant - and unsightly - than lips that crack, crack and ... become extremely painful. Specially formulated to quickly relieve chapped lips, Kelyane is a lip balm especially oily and restorative. Packed in an applicator tube with rounded tip, it allows to cover the lips generously and without pain. In town as on ski, it is adopted by the whole family!

The tube of 15 ml: 6,20 € Pharmacies and parapharmacies

Hand cream with poplar bud - Klorane

Although we wear gloves as often as possible, our hands remain particularly exposed to the cold. And sudden temperature changes do not spare them. To protect and repair them, Klorane offers a cream combining poplar bud extract with soothing and healing properties to vegetable squalane, a nutritive active with high covering power. Use as often as necessary to find beautiful, soft hands.

The 50 ml tube: 5,47 € Pharmacies and parapharmacies

Baume confort face and body - Neutrogena

Star of dry skins, the Norwegian brand completes its range of treatments with a brand-new comfort facial and body balm. Those who have ultra dry skin will quickly adopt this treatment rich in glycerin and shea butter. A real treat for the skin denuded and sensitive. Pure pleasure!

The pot of 200 ml: 9,80 € Pharmacies and parapharmacies

HydraContinue - Reinforced moisturizing cream - Phytomer

From the perception of low temperatures, the blood flow to the skin is reduced. Less well irrigated, this one dehydrates and spoils. Hence the interest of this ultra-rich treatment with the fondant texture developed for the dry and very dry skins. Its active ingredients restore the hydrolipidic film and fix the water for a long lasting effect. Immediately after application, hydration is experienced. Flexibility and softness are restored. A cream that would almost make us love the cold.

The 50 ml pot: 35,80?; Perfumeries, department stores, spas and beauty institutes