General information

Saint John's


Period of tropical storms and cyclones: from June to October. Warm and humid climate: from November to May.

Risk to travelers

East Caribbean Dollar

Risks related to the traveler's environment and behavior

Valid passport and return ticket required

Representation in the United States

French representation on site

Length of stay, without further formalities, limited to 42 days. Beyond that, a residence permit must be sought.

Yellow fever: absent in this country. Vaccinate only in case of prior residence in an area where the disease is present. This measure does not apply to you if you come from Europe, North, Central and Southern America, Asia or Oceania.

No malaria




The equipment of the hospital in Antigua seems sufficient. In case of a diving accident, the decompression box is only available in Guadeloupe.

Consult the physician prior to departure and take out insurance covering medical and repatriation costs.

Embassy of Antigua and Barbuda in the United States

43, avenue de Friedland, 75008 Paris, the United States Tel: 01 53 96 93 96 Fax: 01 53 96 93 97

Embassy of the United States in Barbuda-et-Antigua

In residence in Castries (Saint Lucia)