Drugs on the spot

The rumor was rumored, the High Authority of Health confirmed it: its members recommend the disenfranchisement of 221 drugs. It remains to be seen whether the Minister of Health will follow ... What are these products? Why were they chosen? How do the patients react? ... All answers with .

Patients left behind

221 drugs, previously reimbursed at 35%, should be deregistered in the coming weeks. In practical terms, these medicines, which the doctors prescribed and which the Social Security took over in part - the mutuals completed - would still be available to the patients tomorrow.

Drugs replaced by other ... less effective?

Among the products offered in the delisting, there are creams used in dermatology, trace elements, mucolytics (cough syrup), eye drops, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer or veinotonic ... (see list All medicines deregorised below) But why are these drugs, and not others, today in the sights of the health authorities? For Professor Laurent Degos, President of the High Authority for Health, "their usefulness is not sufficient to be taken over by national solidarity. It is above all a choice of priorities, based on the available medical data" . In reaching this conclusion, a panel of experts examined 245 medicinal products whose usefulness had already been debated from April 2004 to June 2005.

List of 221 drugs proposed for de-reimbursement

The scientific and medical data for these products were reviewed and analyzed to determine a level of actual medical service (SMR). The medical criteria for the actual service are based on the analysis of the severity of the disease, the effectiveness of the treatment in the therapeutic strategy and its interest in public health. Result: Of the 245 drugs studied, 24 had a medical service deemed sufficient, 221 others had an insufficient medical service.

For Pr. Gilles Bouvenot, hematologist and member of board of the High Authority of Health, "that a drug has inadequate medical service does not mean that it is ineffective. (...) But we enter An era of priorities. We must take charge of progress, we can no longer accumulate. " If priority is to be given to more effective medicines, it is important to note that not all disbursed drugs do not always have more effective equivalents.

And it remains that a number of drugs, which have never been scientifically proven to be effective, are still supported at 35%. This is the case, for example, for homeopathy. But for now, the High Authority of Health seems not in a hurry to open this file.

The therapeutic advances have made it possible to put on the market effective treatments for heavy and disabling pathologies. But these treatments have a cost, too heavy for society. Although there is no doubt that these medicines must be totally taken care of by the community, it is nevertheless regrettable that the treatment of patients suffering from less serious diseases is not so. Because tomorrow, patients whose disease is minimized will have to bear the full cost of their treatment.

Some of them worry about the we forums: The actual service rendered is insufficient in the eyes (experts) because it considers that having varices is not so serious, and that the company does not have To bear the blow. Basically, if you want to treat your legs you pay ... "says Caroline." Another bad news for patients "continues schoucky1. Others worry about" the slow development of a health system in two Speeds, (...) where only the rich can be properly cared for. "

Would these concerns be unjustified? For the High Authority for Health, the reimbursement of such medicinal products "does not entail a demonstrated negative impact on the quality of care."

If disbursements should logically be accompanied by 400 to 500 million savings for social security, the most pessimistic observers are already announcing that this will not happen because doctors will replace treatments not reimbursed by other medicines reimbursed, not always suited to the pathology ... phlébotropes for example, numbers of experts consider that the delisting will be accompanied by reports of requirements to anti-inflammatories and analgesics. Similarly, studies conducted abroad show, in the case of venous disease, that patients who are not treated at an early stage should be treated in hospital structures at a later stage of the disease and ultimately cost More expensive to society. Hypotheses swept by experts of the High Authority today: "The results of postponements of prescriptions concerning veinotonics are contradictory and inconclusive."

The future will tell us what will happen to these patients and the social security accounts. In the meantime, it is up to the Minister of Health to follow or not the recommendations of the High Authority ...















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