Cause of trauma

Rare and very painful, this trauma occurs in case of bad reception after a sudden jump or contraction. Its treatment depends on the surgery, especially in the sportsman of high level.

Nature of the lesion

This rare and delicate pathology occurs on the occasion of a bad reception after a jump and a brutal contraction of the triceps. This is not a false movement or a direct shock. Whatever the circumstances, we can no longer walk.

Appropriate therapeutics

The player is then unable to stand up, walk. He must undergo a complete immobilization. The diagnosis is essentially clinical, and in case of doubt, an ultrasound is performed.

Possible complications

There is no consensus on the treatment of low-level amateur athletes. A 50-year-old man will often be plastered if there is no displacement. Restorative surgery is usually recommended for middle and high level athletes. Here again techniques vary. When surgery is recommended, it is practiced in the days following the accident.

Unavailability period

An unsuccessful Achilles tendon rupture justifies a very delicate and often unsatisfactory secondary repair.

There is a total incompatibility with the resumption of the sport and an impossibility to start immediately. Plastering immobilizes the patient about 6 weeks. The duration of immobilization tends to decrease with the improvement of less invasive surgical repair techniques. Whatever the case, the resumption of football can not be envisaged before 5 to 6 months. Secondary repair will be more tricky and less satisfying.

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Society of Orthopedic and Traumatological Surgery (SOFCOT)