Pregnancy nausea disappear

During your 16th week of pregnancy (= 18th week of amenorrhea), nausea normally disappeared. Your face is rounded, just like your little belly. You shine! And some of you already feel the baby's first movements.

Slowing of intestinal activity

Nausea normally disappeared. The features of your face are rounded, just like your stomach is starting to appear. It may also be that you take a little volume at your buttocks.

Possible blistering of the nasal mucosa can sometimes cause local blood flow. Your heart rate accelerates by about 20% to deal with a greater blood flow throughout the body.

Your hair and nails grow faster. You may also experience problems with indigestion and constipation due to the slowing of your intestinal activity and the pressure that your uterus exerts on the bladder by magnifying. Despite all these little annoyances, you radiate, especially if you are one of those women who are feeling the baby's first movements now.

Calculation of the date of your maternity leave

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