Week 12: Changes at Mom

During the 12th week, your breasts become heavier and a small dark line can appear at the navel. As baby begins to adopt human traits, it is time for you to declare your pregnancy.

Week 12: the evolution of the fetus

Because of the growth of the uterus, the roundness of the belly begins to appear. At this point, you should have taken about 1.5 kg. Unless you are one of those women who lose weight in the first trimester ... Read more

Fish, an ally under surveillance

At the end of the third month, the skeleton and all internal organs are formed, and most of them already function. The fetus measures about 10 cm and weighs nearly 40 g. It is possible to hear the heartbeat through a probe. Read more

Constipation and bloating during pregnancy

Pregnant women know that fish offers an incomparable nutritional richness. But beware, some contain mercury and represent a real danger for the fetus. Which fish should be wary? Read more

Pregnant, my belly is not seen ...

Declaration of pregnancy

Should we stop coffee while waiting for Baby?

Constipation and bloating can cause real discomfort during pregnancy. Nevertheless, solutions exist and are often sufficient to significantly reduce the symptoms. "Read more

When a baby has the place to develop "in breadth", the belly of his mother does not rounds that very little. In this case, many pregnant women suffer from a lack of recognition of their maternity. Focus on this situation and tips to view her pregnancy otherwise. Read more

By informing social organizations about your pregnancy, you open up your rights to socio-economic benefits. But you have certain deadlines to meet. It is especially from the dates declared by your doctor, that will be calculated your maternity leave. An important point for you but also for your employer. Read more

Should coffee be stopped during pregnancy? We asked the question of Dr. Serfaty Lacrosnière, a nutritionist, See our video

Calculation of the date of your maternity leave

Every week, your personalized pregnancy tracking: see an example