A Family History

Women are rare in the very closed world of leaders. Anne-Sophie Pic is one of those who have managed to impose themselves in this masculine environment. She has just acquired her third star in the Michelin guide with her creative cuisine, light and refined, and her "feminine taste". Portrait of a great lady of French gastronomy.

Difficult beginnings

We no longer present Anne-Sophie Pic, who has just won her third star in the Michelin guide with her restaurant Pic in Valence (Drôme). A consecration for this leader of 37 years, who is the first woman to receive this distinction since 1933!

A feminine taste

It must be said that in the Pic, gastronomy is a family story. A story already launched by a woman, Sophie Pic, in 1889. At the Café du Pin it opens then, one savors a cuisine of the soil. Fricassee of poultry, gratins, sausages and sauteed rabbits are a la carte. His son André, fascinated by this mother whom he always saw in the kitchen takes over in 1920. From 1934, it is the consecration and the 3 stars that he gets to the Michelin. His son Jacques will take over the restaurant, which moves to Valence, near the National 7. With his wife Suzanne, Jacques Pic again picks up the three stars in 1973. Anne-Sophie will cook in the late 1990s And the family is still at the heart of its success: her husband, David Sinapian, has always been part of the adventure, he is now director of the house Pic.
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The future

But for Anne Sophie Pic, the beginnings are eventful. She initially intended to manage by integrating the Higher Institute of Management in the early 1990s. She then travels around the world and meets her husband. She decided to devote herself to cooking and joined the house Pic near her father in 1992. But the brutal death of it upsets the young woman and changes her plans. She then devoted herself to the management of the establishment until she rejected the kitchen door again in 1997 to do her apprenticeship. A perseverance that will bear fruit.

In an essentially masculine environment, Anne-Sophie Pic claims an authentic "feminine taste". The secret, creative cuisine, light and refined, but has kept a "feminine simplicity". And above all, his femininity expresses himself in his "desire to give pleasure and to transmit the emotions that cross it". Another feature of this kitchen is the feminine touch. This can result in a touch of acidity, a shade of color ... In practice, this gives dishes such as the Langoustine of small fishing Loctudy accompanied by its flowing of peas and onions cakes with liquorice licorice; Veal of milk of the Velay, roasted nut, chutney of plums with sweet spices, muslin of potato ratte to the loving

Note: parity is practically respected in the cuisines of the restaurant Pic, with 11 men and 9 women.

Today mother of a small boy, Anne Sophie continues to invest fully in cooking, and she has not finished innovating. In 2006, she opened the bistro "7 by Anne Sophie Pic", a tribute to the mythical National Route 7. And above all, in 2007, she will open her cooking school "SCOOK", a school-like name And cook. Located a few steps from the restaurant, this place will allow to "pass on its passion to a large public".

On behalf of the father, Anne-Sophie Pic, Editions Glénat, 45 Euros.

Bistro "7 by" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Anne Sophie Pic, Menu 17 EUR - 30 EUR