People do not drink for the purpose of becoming an alcoholic. The majority of people begin to drink as the result of a personal issue that they are dealing with. Why is it that some people abuse the substance while others donít? There are some things that making users more prone to abusing it and these things are called risk factors.

  • Genetics has a lot to do with it. Those who have a history of alcohol related problems in their family are more prone to abuse.
  • Men are three times more likely to abuse alcohol than woman are.
  • Beginning to drink at a young age can result in a higher risk of alcohol problems during adult life.
  • Those who suffer from any mental health problem such as depression or anxiety are far more likely to use alcohol.
  • Using other substances is also common amongst alcohol abusers.
  • If the people around you drink a lot it may influence you to start doing so as well.
  • Some users have problems with other people such as family members or spouses. This can lead to alcohol abuse.
  • For those who feel they do not have a purpose or satisfaction, it may lead them to drink.

Even if you can relate to these risk factors it doesn't mean that you are going to suffer from alcoholism. Anyone who is at risk of it doesn't always develop the dependence on it. If you have no risk factors, you are likely to become dependent on it. It is circumstantial and there isn't one answer as to what it becomes such a burden in people's lives. The key component to remember is that everyone can get better and life will get better if you make the first move in recognizing that it is affecting your own life and the lives around you.