Prepare your vacation with the allergist

The holidays of an allergic child require a little preparation. From the destination to the means of transport, through the accommodation and the choice of activities, some advice is essential. Discover the precautions for carefree holidays

Destination, activities, transport ... Some guidelines before leaving

The suitcases are ready, the sports articles are in the car ... Nothing should spoil the holidays of the whole family ... not even the allergy of your last one. With the advice of the Association Asthme et Allergies 1, leave the spirit light!

Checklist before departure

Whatever their destination, the holidays require a little preparation for allergic children, like any other particular activity. The first step is to go see your attending physician or allergist before departure. During this consultation, all points must be addressed: destination, accommodation, means of transport and on-site activities. This professional will be able to assess the potential risks for your child. Certain precautions are indeed essential to prevent but also to take charge of a crisis, even to the odd

In all cases, the basic precautions are

Depending on the type of allergy of your child, the rules of eviction (avoid allergens) are to be taken into account to choose the destination and activities of the holidays. Depending on the nature of the allergy (food, respiratory, asthma ...) and the identified allergen, the constraints are more or less important.

The seaside or the mountains do not present a priori any risk for the allergic child, subject to benefiting from a housing and a favorable environment. But watch out for the countryside! The child may be exposed to many allergens such as molds, pollen or the hair of certain animals. For children with allergies to pollen and mold, it is best to avoid camping or caravanning.

All transport modes can be considered provided that the allergic child keeps his / her emergency treatment (accompanied by the order or proof of purchase on the plane).

The choice of activities is made according to the child's allergy, his tastes and local possibilities. However, some special cases are to be noted

To help you not to neglect the essential points, the Association Asthme and Allergies reminds us in a few points the benchmarks and the rules not to be forgotten

we and the Association Asthme et allergies will meet you on March 23, 2010 for the 4th French Allergy Day 2, dedicated to children. Numerous events and awareness-raising actions are planned in this framework, you can find the complete program on

To go further

From the 6th to the 17th of April 2010, an unpublished exhibition highlighting children's eyes on their allergy will be held at the Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke, 21 rue des filles du Calvaire - 75003 Paris. This event will present the works carried out during a drawing competition for young allergic patients and initiated by Stallergenes, the leader in sublingual allergen desensitisation treatments.

1 - "Allergic child, do not let allergies complicate the holidays" - Communiqué of the association Asthme and Allergies, February 10, 2010 2 - The French Allergy Day is organized on the initiative of the Association Asthme Allergies in partnership with the National Association of Continuing Education in Altergology (ANAFORCAL), the French Society of Allergology (SFA), the National Syndicate of Allergists (SYFAL), the French Association for Allergy Prevention (AFPRAL) The National Aerial Surveillance Network (NNSA), with the sponsorship of the World Allergy Organization (WAO), the support of the Schering-Plow laboratory and the Stallergenes laboratory.

Allergy treatments

Provide basic treatments and symptom or crisis treatments in sufficient quantities and have the personalized plan of action to follow in the event of a crisis; For a stay abroad, take the packing of medicines or know their denomination Depending on the country, apply for a European Health Insurance Card to the social security and inquire about the country's emergency numbers Update the vaccinations of the country Child.

If scuba diving with a bottle is contraindicated for asthmatics, they can normally practice snorkeling and many other nautical activities; In the mountains, endurance activities such as cross-country skiing are to be avoided because the cold Can accentuate asthma attacks Riding can expose allergic children to various allergens including molds, dust mites and animal hair and even pollen.