Asthma treatment will vary from inhalers to over the counter medications. There are asthma drugs that are delivered in a nebulizer and many people use breathing machines at home. It's going to depend on the severity of the breathing problem and the doctor is going to help decipher which treatment is fitting. Learn about natural remedies as well to contribute to healthy breathing habits and lung function. The key to relieving the symptoms is an early treatment. The initial stages are important and they should be met with aggression so that they don't persist and get worse over time.

Asthma Inhalers

There is a right way and a wrong way to use an asthma inhaler. You should learn how to get the most relief from the inhaler that you've been prescribed.

Airway Openers

It's common that people who suffer from asthma will feel their airway tightening up and begin to panic. An airway opener or a bronchodilator can help immensely. It helps to learn about the various types of inhalers and how they work in relieving asthma.

Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Some patients may deal with swelling in their airways or thick and irritating mucus. With anti-inflammatory drugs or steroids asthma can be treated. Oral medications can also help when these symptoms persist.

Breathing Machines

An asthma nebulizer or a breathing machine can help to deliver medicine to some of the youngest and the oldest of asthma patients. Read more on these nebulizers so that you can understand how they will work in your favor.