Relieve Back Pain After a Trip

Who says escape, and destination of dream, says flight to the long course. To disembark any fresh and enjoy illico of his holidays without (too much) to accuse the jet lag, it is quite simple. Our program in 5 steps with Astrid Eslan, air hostess and naturopath.

Time difference and light legs

To the joy of embarking for a destination of dream can add the fatigue of the flight, and jet lag. To land and start her vacation on the right foot, Astrid Eslan, air hostess and naturopath, pointed out the hassles and entrusted her valuable advice. A long journey, it's getting ready!

After a long flight, I release my breath

It is almost impossible to circumvent! Unless traveling in Business Class, such as Cameron Diaz in The Holidays, a certain discomfort does not fail to be felt from 2 to 3 hours of flight. When finding the right position becomes difficult, the contractures are housed illico in the back and cervical.

To counter the jetlag, I fill up with light

The parade in full flight: Sit your back straight, without straining, the cervical slightly stretched

Food supplements to recover jet lag

1 - Slowly roll the head 4 times in one direction, and 4 times in the other.

2 - Push the shoulders down, lowering the sternum, then pull the shoulders back as well as the head. 2 to 3 seconds per movement, for 1 minute. Let breathing settle naturally (exhale by lowering, inhale by rising).

This exercise relaxes the back and promotes recovery.

By plane, it is well known, the pressurization acts in disfavor of your circulation. Result, legs heavy and swollen. There is nothing worse to feel raplapla on arrival.

The parade in full flight: Walk down the aisles. Regularly, get up to wander. Preferably flat, taking care to unroll the foot, from the heel to the tip. Then back to your seat, massage your calves, using a circulatory cream. Many brands (Guinot, Caudalie) have provided special "aircraft" formats.

The anti-jet-lag parade: Move! In order to harmonize the cellular exchanges, and the vital energy, practice a soft physical activity for a good quarter of an hour as soon as you arrive at the hotel. A yoga sun salutation, a Qi Gong exercise, or tai-chi. You mean to your body that you are not going to sleep, but to stay active!

Breathing is undoubtedly your most valuable vitality, especially in an airplane, where the air is pressurized. To alleviate this effect, you breathe consciously!

The parade in full flight: Ventral breathing

Tilt your seat, loosen your belt, and center yourself on that low breath, guarantor of your vitality. In the semi-extended position, after tipping your seat. Install a low breath. At the inspiration, swell your stomach. At expiration, deflate your "ventral balloon". The thoracic region remains perfectly still.

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes, so as not to feel "hindered".

The parade anti jet-lag: Renal respiration

It is a dynamic breathing, inspired by Taoist traditions, that prepares for action. It is very useful to counterbalance the fatigue of travel.

Put yourself crouching, hands on the lumbar, fingers on the spine above the kidneys.

Inspire by feeling "inflate" your kidneys under your hands. At expiration, hands return to their original position

Practice a dozen times.

Light therapy is recommended to synchronize sleep / wake cycles. How it works? Light penetrates through the retina of the eye into the nervous system to the sensitive part of the brain (the supra-chiasmatic nucleus). The latter plays an essential role in the production of melatonin (hormone secreted by the epiphysis in the absence of Luminosity) regulating the chronobiological rhythms (need for sleep / waking state).

The anti-jet-lag parade

1 - You arrive in the middle of the day. Take a sunbath for a good half hour. What is equivalent to exposing yourself in front of a device for 30 minutes with an intensity of 10 000 lux

2 - You arrive in the middle of the night. The best thing is to go to bed. Once awake, have your breakfast in full sun to regulate the production of melatonin.

The organization's abilities to adapt are quite exceptional. However, when you embark destination escape, there is a good chance that it will be overworked. Therefore, supporting it on arrival is highly recommended.

The parade anti jet-lag: Before embarking: Think of slipping into your vanity complex vitamins C, B and magnesium.

Tips and tricks for traveling by plane ... and managing the jet-lag D'Astrid Eslan, Editions Jouvence 192 pages Price: 8,50 €