Breathing well means that you have the ability to self manage your breathing and stay active at the same time. This problem should never keep you from being physically active. By adopting the right diet and exercise you will have the ability to control asthma symptoms and deal with your stress simultaneously.

The Right Diet

There isn't a designated "diet" for asthma but there are many guidelines when it comes to eating the right way and the way those foods are going to affect your body. Uncover dietary tips to get your breathing under control.

Physical Activity and Asthma

If you feel that your breathing problems are preventing you from exercising, find relief in knowing that it doesn't have to anymore. Consult with your doctor and they will find a way for you to exercise without feeling as if your lungs are going to collapse!

Smoking and Asthma

As you already know, smoking is a huge trigger if you have breathing problems. This could even be the reason why your asthma is so severe. Even being around secondhand smoke can result in asthma and bronchitis. There are ways to decrease the amount of stress that you're undergoing because of Asthma. It isn't easy to deal with at first if it is severe but after finding a treatment plan it will become a lot more calm and easy to deal with on a day to day basis.