Supplemental treatment of ailments, acute bronchitis benign.


The choice of the rectal route is determined only by the convenience of administering the drug.

1 to 3 suppositories per day.

The indication does not warrant prolonged treatment


(R. Respiratory system)

Gaïacol: aiming, expectorant.

Contains derivatives, terpenes traditionally considered as antiseptics of the respiratory tract (cineole or eucalyptol - pine essential oil), they can lower the epileptogenic threshold

No effect on the ability to drive and use machines has been reported.
· Related to the route of administration, recent history of lesions, ano-rectales.

· Allergy to local anesthetics (amylein).


Observe the dosages and recommended treatment times.

In case of fatty and purulent expectoration, in case of fever or chronic bronchial and lung disease, it will be necessary to re-evaluate the therapeutic conduct.
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Precautions for use

In case of antecedent epilepsy, take into account the presence of terpene derivatives.

Do not combine with other products (medicines or cosmetics) containing terpenic derivatives regardless of the route of administration (oral, rectal, dermal or pulmonary).

Repeated and prolonged use may lead to rectal burns

Due to the presence of terpene derivatives there is an excessive risk of agitation and confusion in the elderly.

If necessary, appropriate symptomatic treatment should be established in a specialized care unit.

In the clinic, no particular malformative or fetotoxic effect has appeared to date.
However, monitoring of pregnancies exposed to this drug is insufficient to exclude any risk.

Therefore, as a precaution, it is preferable not to administer this medication during pregnancy.

Due to the potential neurological toxicity of derivatives, terpenic in infants, avoid the administration of this drug in the woman who is breastfeeding

Possibility of digestive disorders (nausea, vomiting).

Supplemental treatment of ailments, acute bronchitis benign.