Supplemental treatment of bronchial secretion disorders.

Oral use.


Chew 1 to 2 pasta, 4 times a day.
Pharmacotherapeutic group; EXPECTOR

ATC code: R05C A

(R: Respiratory system)

This medicinal product contains terpene derivatives which may lower the epileptogenic threshold.

Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients mentioned under the heading Composition.
Special warnings

In case of fatty and purulent expectoration, in the case of fever or chronic disease, bronchi and lungs, it is advisable to re-evaluate the therapeutic conduct. >
The productive coughs, which represent a fundamental element of broncho-pulmonary defense, must be respected.

The association of mucomodifiers, bronchodilators with antitussives and / or substances, drying (atropinic) secretions is irrational

This specialty contains terpenic derivatives which can lead to excessive doses of neurological convulsions in the infant and in the child. Observe the recommended dosages and duration of treatment.

This medicine contains glucose, sucrose and invert sugar. Its use is not recommended in patients with fructose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption syndrome or sucrase / isomaltase deficiency.

This medicinal product contains 0.10 g of glucose, 0.39 g of sucrose and 0.07 g of invert sugar, which must be taken into account in the diet, in the case of a diet low in sugar or diabetes .

Precautions for use

In case of a history of epilepsy, take into account the presence of terpene derivatives

The data available to date do not imply any clinically meaningful interactions.

Without object.

Due to the presence of terpene derivatives which can lower the epileptogenic threshold, poisoning is feared in the elderly (possibility of agitation, confusion), and especially in young children, Accidental intoxication (risk of convulsions).

In case of overdose, administer symptomatic treatment.

In the absence of clinical and animal data it is preferable not to administer this medication throughout the pregnancy, but to date no specific malformative effect has been reported in pregnant women .


For caution, due to lack of clinical and kinetic data, avoid: administration during breastfeeding.
In case of breast-feeding, it is preferable not to use this medicine because
· The absence of kinetic data on the passage of terpene derivatives in milk

· And their potential neurological toxicity in the infant

Possibility of digestive disorders (nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain).

Due to the presence of derivatives, terpenic and in case of non-respect of the doses, recommended

· Risk of convulsions in children and infants

· Possibility of agitation and confusion in the elderly

Reporting of suspected adverse reactions

The reporting of suspected adverse reactions after authorization of the drug is important. It allows continuous monitoring of the ratio, benefit / risk of the drug. Health professionals report any suspected adverse effects via the national reporting system: National Agency for Safety, Medicines and Health Products (Ansm) and Network of Regional Centers for Pharmacovigilance - Website: www.ansm

Supplemental treatment of bronchial secretion disorders.