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Thread: How serious is nocturnal back pain?

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    How serious is nocturnal back pain?

    Nocturnal back pain may mean that there are spinal tumors. It may be a tumor that has originated in the spine or it could be one that has been the result of a cancer that started elsewhere in the body and then spread to the spinal area. Many people with back pain are able to get the relief that they need to get a full night sleep. The problem with nocturnal back pain is that the hurting doesn't stop even when they attempt to relieve the pain by lying down. Regardless of the adjustment that they make, the pain continues to get worse and it may not even start until they actually lay down. Those that suffer from nocturnal back pain may go through a whole day free of pain but then experience it when they want to get some rest.

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    How serious is nocturnal back pain

    hi to everyone out there. I have been diagnosed with a pinched nerve and started on a medrol pak. It is only the second day and the pain seems to be getting worse. Has anyone else expereinced the pain getting worse before getting better when on oral steroids?

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