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Thread: Home remedies for cold and flu

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    Home remedies for cold and flu

    If you are suffering from your cold symptoms, there are some home remedies you can try out for relief.

    • Make sure that you drink plenty of water to help you with your congestion. By drinking water you and keep your body hydrated. Drink enough fluids and soup. Limit the amount of caffeine you drink because this may dehydrate your body.
    • If every day you inhale steam to help you with your nose, you can keep it from doing it so much. Hold your face over hot water so that you are breathing in the steam. Make sure that it doesn't burn your nose. The moisture from the steam is very helpful in easing congestion.
    • Are you blowing your nose the right way? You should blow your nose regularly instead of sniffing it back because that can cause an earache. When you blow your nose put pressure on one nostril and blows it out the other to avoid too much pressure.
    • Saline sprays will help you with your congestion, but you can make your own water rinse. This will help in removing any bacteria particles.

    If you want to avoid bacteria you need to be very careful as to what you put inside of your nose. If you flush it and rinse it you should make sure that it is with either irrigation liquid or water that has been previously boiled. Make sure that you rinse it correctly and allow it to dry afterwards.

    • Make sure that you stay warm and get enough sleep. Resting is the most important thing for your body when it is fighting a cold or infection. When you stay warm and get the proper amount of rest it's going to help you with the energy that your immune system needs to battle the condition.

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    Home remedies for cold and flu

    Hi, I am battling with the flu, but I am breastfeeding hence my access to medication is limited. I was having homeopathic Oscillococcinum, but I still have a headache that originates in my eyes, my nose is blocked or running. For now its nasal and congestion in my head. Please can anyone offer me advice in terms of home remedies, that might offer me some relief. Thanks in advance.

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