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Thread: How to treat cold and flu

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    How to treat cold and flu

    If you are looking for a cold medicine that is more effect, take comfort in knowing that there is an endless amount of them out there. There are some cold treatments that can provide you with relief and help you wait it out until the cold has passed and you feel healthy again. A cold medicine is going to attack the symptoms and not a virus. They are not going to cure a cold; they are simply going to help you out with the tedious symptoms. There isn't one cold medicine that cures the cold. All of them will work differently with people and you may have to try out a few to see which ones work for you.

    The following are some answers to many questions that are asked about medicines that are over the counter.

    • Antihistamine or Decongestant

    Deciding between a decongestant and an antihistamine is going to depend on the symptoms you're experiencing. If you are dealing with nasal congestion then a decongestant medicine might help you out the most. They can increase your heart rate. For some people a decongestant can cause insomnia or increased anxiety.

    If your symptoms are sneezing and a runny nose, the antihistamine is going to be more effective. There are non-sedating forms of them as well which will not cause as much drowsiness. When people are using these they have to be careful if their work revolves around operating heavy machinery.

    • High Blood Pressure and Decongestants

    Do you know whether or not it is safe to take decongestants if you have difficulty with high blood pressure? These are significantly increase blood pressure and heart rate. If the blood pressure is controlled through the use of medications then taking one shouldn't be an issue as long as the patient continues to monitor their blood pressure. There are medicines that are completely decongestant free. If you suffer from high blood pressure you should always consult with your doctor to see what medicine is right for you.

    • Use of Nasal Spray

    Using a nasal decongestant can help to open up your breathing passages. If you use these for more than three days it may do the opposite to you and make the congestion worse than it was before. That can result in difficulty sleeping and irritability.

    There are some doctors who actually recommend using a saline spray instead of a medicated one. These will loosen up the mucus and it won't make the symptoms worse if you use it for more than three days.

    • Relationship between Medicine and Cough Syrup

    Not all doctors are going to recommend treating a cough and some think that using a cough medicine doesn't actually work. There are a few cough medicines that can be used over the counter. There are topical drugs, cough suppressants and oral expectorants. They may be used to make the person cough less and loosen up stubborn mucus; if that isn't working for the patient the doctor will help by recommending a stronger prescription medicine.

    • The Medicine for Fevers and Aches

    Having a fever is not a fun thing but at times It can actually be good for your body. This is going to help fight off infection in your body by preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses. Doctors don’t recommend preventing a fever unless the person that is affected is of a very young or old age.

    If you are uncomfortable with it and you want it treated immediately then you can take medication. Younger people should stick to Tylenol and Ibuprofen or Advil. Each of these have different risks associated with them which is why you should check with your doctor first. Do not take more than you are directed.

    If you have been suffering from many body aches then you may have the flu. You should speak with your doctor to see if it would help your condition to take flu medicine.

    • Sore Throats and Cold Medicine

    You should always drink fluids; these are going to help you deal with a painful, sore throat. Some oral medications may help you in healing it temporarily. If it is extremely painful and you are having difficulty eating or drink, you may have strep throat.

    • Cold Medicine Combinations

    There are some people who know how to find relief based on the way that they mix their cold medications. Some people may take suppressants and relievers. Cold medicines usually consist of a decongestant and since these keep you awake they are found in daytime meds. Antihistamines are present in nighttime medication because they promote sleep.

    If you do choose to try a combination of medicine you need to make sure that you can use it safely. If you suffer from high blood pressure avoid mixing your medicines being that they can increase blood pressure. Always speak with a doctor before taking a cold medicine and combining them with others for treatment. There are some combinations that may make your condition worse.

    • The Effectiveness of Natural Remedies

    There are some studies that show some natural cold treatments can help to cut the severity of a cold. One natural remedy is the use of zinc, but others show that zinc is a placebo. What about the effectiveness of Vitamin C? Researchers have found no evidence in this vitamin preventing a cold. It is possible that it shortens the length of it. There are some studies that show if people overdose on vitamin C on the first day it will deliberately shorten the length that they have it.

    Do you prevent colds the natural way? If you do, it's best to focus on your immune system. You should consume a lot of vegetables and fruits to get rid of infections due to the nutrition in them.

    For a high functioning immune system, you have to focus on your diet and consuming antioxidants. By having the right amount of nutrients in your diet you can avoid bodily deficiency.

    Exercising regularly is a great way to strengthen your immune system. There are some people who continue to exercise but still catch a virus – although they may experience far less symptoms. It's likely that they will recover quickly – studies show that they do recover quickly in comparison to people who do not take care of their physical health.

    • Effectiveness of Antibiotics

    For the common cold, antibiotics don't play a role because they only work when they are fighting bacteria. If you use antibiotics when it isn't necessary it can lead to common bacteria which are resistant to the antibiotic. It's always important that the use of antibiotics is limited to avoid this resistance.

    At times bacteria in an infection can happen after a person has just deal with a cold virus. It's likely that someone can get a sinus infection that lingers for quite awhile even if the cold has finished. Infections can are treated with antibiotics.

    • Child Safety and Cold Medicine

    All children have certain needs in terms of medicine and over the counter medications cannot be given to kids that are under the age of 4. There are some kid's medicines on the shelf but you should stills peak with your doctor about them before using them. You should never give a child aspirin unless your doctor has directed you to do so. Giving aspirin to children with symptoms can cause some harmful conditions – although it is rare, it is possible.

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    How to treat cold and flu

    Has anyone done or know if i can treat a tank with nox itch with fly river turtles In the tank will the meds hurt them? Couple loaches have it pretty bad.

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