Surgery doesn't always cure endometriosis although it does offer some short term comfort.

Surgery may be recommended by a doctor in the following situation:

  • If hormone therapy has not helped with the symptoms and the condition continues to affect your daily life, surgery may be necessary
  • If the implants and scar tissues get in the way of organs and their function

Surgery may be recommended if endometriosis results in infertility.

Choices for Surgery

The most common procedures that are used to diagnose a patient and their condition is a laparoscopy. If the doctor has recommended this, it will be used to look for any implants and scar tissue, and then destroy them.

If a woman has the condition severely and she has no plans of getting pregnant, a hysterectomy may be necessary. This can help with long term pain. There may be some side effects after the ovaries are removed, such as starting menopause early on. You may also be at risk of osteoporosis in the future unless you make sure that you protect your bones.

Consider the Following

There are some studies that suggest the use of hormone therapy after surgery can prevent the new growth and prevent endometriosis from coming back, making it pain free.