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Thread: What are the symptoms of food poisoning?

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    What are the symptoms of food poisoning?

    Food poisoning symptoms may have an effect on your intestines and your stomach. The first most common sign is diarrhea. The person who's been contaminated may feel very nauseas and begin to vomit. They may experience cramps in their belly.

    It takes some time for these symptoms to appear but the symptoms are extremely painful and how long it affects the person is going to depend on your overall health, age and what they've been infected with.

    If the person that's been affected is very young or very old in age, it is possible that their symptoms are going to last a lot longer. The types of food poisoning could be mild or severe depending on the bacteria. If a woman is pregnant or if a person has a different immune system, they may have a bit more difficulty in dealing with the sickness.

    There are some foods that will result in different types of symptoms and not the normal food poisoning symptoms. The person may feel tingling, confused, numb and weak.

    If a person is experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms it could be the result of organisms that are not spread through the consumption of food. It is possible they received it by drinking water or from human contact.

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    What are the symptoms of food poisoning

    I assume they have the correct acidity? I just picked them up from the local farm and they are not impressive.... cracked, etc. Is this normal for "canning tomatoes".

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