Local treatment of infections, oral cavity, and post-operative care in stomatology


Local use in mouthwash

Do not swallow.

In adults: 3 mouthwashes a day, with pure product, keep the product one minute in the mouth.

In children from 7 to 12 years: 3 mouthwashes per day with product diluted to 50% with water

Pharmacotherapeutic class


(A: digestive system and metabolism)

This medicinal product contains terpene derivatives which may lower the epileptogenic threshold.

· Hypersensitivity to one of the constituents

Special Warning

The indication does not warrant prolonged treatment as it may expose to an imbalance of the normal microbial flora of the oral cavity with a risk of diffusion, bacterial or fungal. >

This specialty contains terpenic derivatives which can lead to excessive doses of neurological convulsions in the infant and in the child. Observe the recommended dosages and duration of treatment.

This medicinal product contains oil, castor oil and may cause skin reactions (eg eczema).

In case of persistent symptoms, over 5 days and / or associated fever, the course to be taken should be re-evaluated.
In case of a history of epilepsy, take into account the presence of terpene derivatives

The simultaneous or successive use of other antiseptics should be avoided, taking into account possible interference (antagonism, inactivation ...).

Without object.

This specialty contains terpene derivatives as excipients which can lower the threshold, cause epileptogenicity and lead to excessive neurological symptoms in children (seizure type) and in elderly subjects ( Type of agitation and confusion). Observe the recommended dosage and duration of treatment. (See section Posology and method of administration).

In case of breast-feeding, it is preferable not to use this medicine because
· The absence of kinetic data on the passage of terpene derivatives in milk

· And their potential neurological toxicity in the infant

Due to the presence of derivatives, terpenic and in case of non-respect of the doses, recommended

· Risk of convulsions in children

· Possibility of agitation and confusion in the elderly

Very rare: ≤ 0.01%

Gastrointestinal: Mouth irritation

Immune system disorders: Allergic reaction, systemic

Local treatment of infections, oral cavity, and post-operative care in stomatology