– Epidural injection in patients with severe coagulation disorders or treated with anticoagulants, ticlopidine, clopidogrel, other antiplatelet agents or antithrombotic agents.
– Warnings specific to the epidural route

The following have been identified as risk factors for serious adverse neurological adverse reactions. Foraminous injection, radio-guided. Injection on spine, operated.

- Route-specific adverse effects, epidural. E xacerbation, transient pain motivated, injection.

Adverse effects resulting from a breach in the dura mater: headache, orthostatic, infectious or aseptic meningitis, cerebral thrombophlebitis

Administration at the cervical spine by foraminous route: radio-guided: very rare cases of infarction, cerebral or medullary with, tetraplegia, sometimes fatal
Administration at the lumbar spine: very rare cases, of medullary infarction with paraplegia, mainly observed either foraminically, radioguided or by various pathways on the spine. Code>
Hematomas or epidural infections (abscesses, epiduritis), with risk of acute compression, medullary or radicular according to the stage