For the majority of people who have IBS, the home treatment is one of the most effective ways to prevent the painful symptoms. It is very helpful to learn about this condition so that you can communicate with your doctor about any questions or concerns you have.

As of now, there is no cure for IBS. Caring for your diet and stress is going to help keep the symptoms under control and prevent them from coming back.
Modifying your Diet

There are many people who have irritable bowel syndrome and eating is what results in the symptoms. It isn't often that there is one type of food that causes these symptoms.

By increasing the fiber in your diet it can help with constipation. Fresh fruits, wheat brain and whole grains are high in fiber. If you have painful gas symptoms you should probably avoid beans.

If you're experiencing difficulty in getting the right amount of fiber into your diet, you can take a supplement. Start with a small dosage and then increase it as the months pass. Make sure that you get enough fluid in your diet so that your urine is close to clear or a light yellow.

There are many things that the patient can do so that they reduce the chances of experiencing painful symptoms. You can limit the foods that produce gas and limit the alcohol/caffeine intake.

IBS and Controlling Symptoms

Dealing with Stress

Stress often triggers symptoms and if the patient knows how to manage it, it helps other physical conditions.

  • There are many mental health specialists that your doctor can recommend to you so that you can the stress management techniques you need.
  • Find a hobby that will help you in dealing with these stressful situations.
  • Get regular exercise. This helps immensely in reducing tension.
  • By writing down your symptoms and what causes them, you can see the connection between the stressful situations and how your body acts up. Identifying them will help you in dealing with them in the future.

In people who have irritable bowel syndrome there isn't an intestine structural problem. The pain and discomfort is definitely real and it isn't in the patient's head but their body is reacting to stress.

Mental health plays a huge role in the symptoms and IBS. Those who have this condition are far more likely to suffer from depression and other psychological conditions. By acknowledging these factors you and your doctor can get the discomfort under control.