According to the results of the BVA barometer published last February, 80% of French people deposit their unused medicines (MNU) with their pharmacist.

80% of French people bring their unused medicines to their pharmacists.

This figure is up sharply, +8 points, compared to the last barometer achieved in 2010.

This gesture is justified by the fear that the French feel of putting themselves or their children in danger by swallowing an outdated medication. They also say they are concerned about the risk of pollution caused by poor recycling of their pharmacy. The French are on the other hand only 24% to separate boxes and notices to bring only the drugs to their pharmacist.

The association Cyclamed, which collects these medicines in pharmacies, was able to recycle by 2015 about 12,000 tons of MNU. There are currently 19,000 tons of medicines not used in the closets of the French, it is 4000 tons less than in 2012.

AFP / Relaxnews

Source: Cyclamed press release - April 2016

Created on April 15, 2016