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Thread: Diagnosis and Tests for Stroke

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    Diagnosis and Tests for Stroke

    The diagnosis of a stroke is based around time. The faster the diagnosis is, the easier it's going to be for the patient to recover.

    It's a priority that the doctor recognizes whether or not the stroke is a hemorrhagic stroke or an ischemic. It's important that they recognize this because it's going to determine the necessary medicine the patient needs to take. The health care professional is going to rule out other conditions as well when they are checking for health complications.

    After the stroke a CT scan is likely to be taken. The test will help the doctor in diagnosing whether or not it is a hemorrhagic or an ischemic. The MRI can find out how much damage has been done to the brain so that a treatment plan can be designed.

    There are some other tests that may be recommended for those who have undergone an ischemic stroke:

    • Blood Tests, Blood Count, Checking Blood Sugar, Function of the Liver. These tests will be performed by the doctor to help them design a treatment plan.
    • ECG, EKG to check for heart problems.

    If the doctor believes that there is a carotid artery they may perform a Doppler scan so that they can see how the blood is flowing through the artery. The doctor may request the MRA or carotid angiogram.

    If the stroke was cause by a heart problem an ECG or EKG may be done.

    There are some guidelines that suggest heart disease is assessed after a stroke to prevent heart problems in the future. Many people who've had a stroke also suffer from coronary artery disease.

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    Diagnosis and Tests for Stroke

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