Additional treatment in the congestive states of the upper airways.


Inhalation by fumigation - DO NOT, AVALER.
Pour a teaspoon of solution into a bowl of very hot but non-boiling water and inhale the vapors. Repeat the inhalations 3 times a day.

No information in the marketing authorization.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: A, DECONGESTIONNANT

(R. respiratory system)

Terpenic derivatives (eucalyptus, niaouli, levomenthol) may lower the epileptogenic threshold

No effect on the ability to drive and use machines has been observed.
Hypersensitivity to any of the constituents

Related to the presence of terpene derivatives: children with a history of convulsions (febrile or not)

Special warnings

This specialty contains derivatives, terpenes (eucalyptus, niaouli, levomenthol) which can lead to excessive doses

· Convulsion-type accidents in infants and children

· Respiratory breaks and collapse in the infant

Observe the instructions for use and dosages, in particular: never exceed the recommended doses

Precautions for use

If the symptoms persist and / or are accompanied by signs of superinfection, the therapy should be re-evaluated.
· Do not swallow

· In case of allergic reaction, suspend treatment.

In the case of a history of epilepsy, take into account the presence of terpene derivatives.

Without object.

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In case of breast-feeding, it is preferable not to use this medicine because
· The absence of kinetic data on the passage of terpene derivatives in milk

And their potential neurological toxicity in infants

· Possibility of local irritation, allergy

Due to the presence of terpene derivatives and in case of non-compliance with recommended doses

O risk of convulsions in children

O, possibility of agitation and confusion in the elderly

Additional treatment in the congestive states of the upper airways.