When the immune system has been triggered the cells are going to come from the blood and migrate into the joints and tissue. This is where the immune cells are going to produce an inflamed substance which causes this type of irritation. It breaks down the cartilage around the bones, swells up and becomes inflamed in the lining of the joint. When the cartilage begins to break down the space between the bones begins to narrow. If the condition gets worse the bones will start to rub against each other. When the joint lining becomes inflamed there is an excessive amount of fluid. The lining begins to expand and there is a possibility that it may erode the bone that is adjacent which results in damage. All of this causes the joint to become very swollen and painful.

The Diagnosis

The diagnosis of this is the result of various factors which includes the right location, symmetry of joints, joint stiffness, and nodules on the skin, X-ray results and blood tests that come out positive.