· Treatment of secretion syndrome, inappropriate antidiuretic hormone (SIADH) plus, particularly paraneoplastic origin with

O chronic hyponatremia
· In the elderly: risk of dehydration, do not associate water restriction

· Do not combine ALKONATREM with other medicines, nephrotoxic drugs

· Avoid exposure to sunlight due to the risk of photosensitization

Associations, contraindicated

All retinoids (pathway, general): risk of hypertension, intracranial.
Associations subject to precautions for use

+ Oral anticoagulants, increased the effect of oral anticoagulant and risk, haemorrhagic. More frequent monitoring of the rate of prothrombin and monitoring of INR: possible adaptation of the dosage of the oral anticoagulant during treatment with cyclin and after discontinuation.

+ Iron salts (oral); decreased digestive absorption of cyclins (formation of complexes). Take the iron salts at a distance from the cyclines (more than 2 hours, if possible).
+ Salts, oxides, hydroxides of magnesium, aluminum and calcium (topical, gastrointestinal): decreased digestive absorption of cyclins. Take gastrointestinal topicals at a distance, cyclines (more than 2 hours if possible).
Without object.

No cases of overdose have been reported to date. However, excessive use may lead to an exacerbation of undesirable effects.

Demeclocycline passes into the placenta and the mother's milk: its use must be avoided in pregnant or lactating women (risk of abnormal dental bud or dyschromia, dental in the child). Br>

· Dental dyschromia or enamel hypoplasia in case of administration in children under 8 years

· Digestive disorders (diarrhea, nausea, epigastralgia)

· Allergic reactions (urticaria, rash, pruritus)

· Photosensitization reactions

(Haemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia, eosinophilia)

· Increases in blood urea and creatininemia-dependent doses and reversible at discontinuation of treatment

· Extrarenal hyperazolemia in relation to an antianabolic effect has been reported with tetracyclines. This hyperazolemia can be increased by the association with diuretics

Benign intracranial hypertension may have been observed in the use of tetracyclines, manifested by headache and vision disorders, and in general these signs disappear upon discontinuation of therapy. Code>
Treatment of secretion syndrome, inappropriate antidiuretic hormone (SIADH) plus, particularly of paraneoplastic origin with chronic hyponatremia