Treatment of deficiencies, proven in vitamin B 6.


Oral use.

Swallow the tablets with a little water.

1 to 4 tablets per day.

Pharmacotherapeutic Class: VITAMIN B 6, Code, ATC: A11HA02

(A: Digestive System and Metabolism)

Without object.

This medication is contraindicated

· If hypersensitivity to any of the constituents

· In association with levodopa (see section Interactions with other medicines and other forms of interactions)

Precautions for use

This medicinal product must not be used prolongedly.

Due to the presence of pyridoxine, the combination with levodopa, which may reduce the activity of L-Dopa, requires precautions for use (see section Interactions with other drugs and other forms Of interactions).

Associations, contraindicated

+ Levodopa

Inhibition of the activity of levodopa when used without inhibitor of peripheral dopadecarboxylase

Avoid any intake of pyridoxine in the absence of a dopadecarboxylase inhibitor.

Without object.

Neurological manifestations of somnolence and / or paresthesia have been reported at high doses and / or prolonged cures of pyridoxine hydrochloride. These manifestations are reversible upon cessation of treatment. Treatment is symptomatic.


There is no study of teratogenesis available in animals.

In clinical studies, no malformative or fetotoxic effects have been observed to date. However, monitoring of pregnancies exposed to this medicinal product is insufficient to exclude any risk.

Therefore, as a precautionary measure, it is preferable not to use this medication during pregnancy.

Vitamin B 6 passing through the milk, to avoid during breastfeeding.

Exceptional and reversible neurological manifestations at cessation of treatment have been reported after high doses and / or prolonged cures of vitamin B 6.
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Treatment of deficiencies, proven in vitamin B 6.