40 cm bubble

At this age, the movements of the baby's eye when awake are as accurate and rapid as those of an adult. He follows his mother's eyes when she moves into the room or raises her at arm's length.

All of a sudden, his eye-tracking capability is perfect and his retina perceives stable images.

At this age when he is not yet seated, the baby is capable of incredible visual performance. It is not only able to follow the regular movements of the pendulum of a clock but also to make very rapid movements of the eyes, "eye drops", to watch the cat leaping.
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Acquisition of binocular vision

At about the same time he acquires binocular vision, that is, the ability to grasp the distance of an object: he tries to catch it and separates the thumb and forefinger For more efficiency. Said more simply, he learns to use his two eyes at the same time as his two hands.

Before, the two images that came from the left eye and the right eye were roughly superimposed.

Now that they are perceived in more detail, they merge and their superposition gives the sensation of relief.

Of course, the child still lives "in a bubble", 40 cm around him, and his world is limited to what he can catch. What is farther on interests him less because the images appear to him with a less good definition. It is when he begins to sit that his space of visual interest expands.

Posture and vision construct one another, seconded by the provision of grasping of the hands. Little by little, he feeds his vision of ever more distant objects.

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