Eat light and avoid efforts in late pregnancy

Digestive problems and frequent cravings for urination may appear during your 34th week of pregnancy (= 36th week of amenorrhea). To cope with it, favor lighter and more numerous meals during the day. Take care of yourself by lying on the side. Rest is now your priority!

The time may seem a little long now, especially since you have left the job for a week and that reappear the inconveniences that you had investigated in the beginning of pregnancy. By magnifying and slightly initiating its descent, your baby exerts a strong pressure on your bladder, causing frequent urges to urinate. You experience painful acid lifts again and the slightest effort will take your breath away! To top it off, your breasts are heavy and painful ...

Make lighter and more numerous meals during the day, lie frequently on the side and do not hesitate to wear a bra at night. All efforts are now to be avoided.

Calculation of the date of your maternity leave

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