Acroyoga: All in Circle

In perpetual movement, yoga declines its postures around a new acrobatic version: the acroyoga to practice in duet! Founded around asanas, acrobatics and Thai massage, this unusual yoga fills our desires with a supple and tonic body, like our needs for positive thinking. With acroyoga, you feel wings.

Yoga flying sifted through

Founded in San Francisco Bay in 2003 by two Californians, Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein, acroyoga combines three distinct ancestral disciplines: yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. Kind of fusion of the genres, it is an aerial declension of the postures of yoga with a partner, according to the principles of the acrobatics to which are added pressures of the Thai massage. Innovative discipline, it conquers today a new public, more community ...

Acroyoga: the right reasons to do zeal!

"Group spirit is central to practice," says Yohann Guichard, an acroyoga teacher at the Beyoga studio. That's why we all find ourselves in a circle around the teacher. The course opens with a rather playful approach where each one presents by his first name ... and the posture that represents him the most. A figure that all yogis apprentices will resume, like a greeting. A very original way to get to know each other.

There then follows warm-ups with specific work around the alignments. "In order to perform well on the hands and feet, there are certain specific principles of bone alignment to find its balance," says Yohann. The more the body finds its alignment on the ground, the easier it will be to practice, once "in the air."

Far from being an individualistic practice, acrooga is learned at 3: the wearer (base), the worn (flyer) and the help (spotter). "The emphasis is on security to create the most favorable conditions for learning," says Yohann Guichard.

The heart of the practice is in two aspects, one acrobatic and the other therapeutic. The acrobatic consists in chaining the asanas, or postures of yoga, on the feet and hands of his partner. While the therapeutic version is based on stretches, also derived from yoga, combined with Thai massage pressures, made by the wearer. Most of the time, the session focuses only on one of the two parts. However, when they cohabit, the therapeutic version always comes to an end. Why? "Acrobatics requires a real muscular tonicity, unlike therapeutic flight, more based on relaxation," replies Yohann Guichard. Complementary, the two solicit the body in its entirety, including the spirit.

Another not insignificant aspect of the acroyoga, small jig or not, the roles exchange! You will play alternately the wearer and the acrobat. "Of course, we take care to work with people of the same size," emphasizes Yohann Guichard. Ouf!

Being yoga enthusiast is not necessary, although it helps, of course. Beginners are accepted and profits are quick. This acrobatic version of yoga allows from the first sessions, a real muscular reinforcement, in position of the wearer. At the same time, the acrobatic part develops flexibility and makes the body very alert. "There may be a lot of apprehension at the start, but the first experience of" fly "is very liberating," noted our expert. In the long run, you gain more self-confidence and concentration.

Community particularly inventive, acroyoga teachers, organize jams in the city in green spaces, around fountains. These are demonstrations where the small community practices under the eyes of passers-by before inviting them to "steal", in suits or jeans, everything is allowed ...
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To find out where the jams are, see the facebook group: AcroYoga Paris.,