Arm on and under arms, pheromone eroticizes sweat

A sexual pheromone could awaken the seductive power of young women but also of the youngest. Realized in the art, several scientific studies seem to attest to its effectiveness. Jealously kept secret by its inventor, the composition of this love potion could become a real jackpot!

The pheromone that awakens libido

Why, in their fifties, do women seem invisible to men? However, these "quinquas" are young more and more long and most do not lack charm. And many American researchers are putting forward new elements of response.

According to them, young women produce a mysterious chemical compound that acts as a true love potion. But after menopause, this pheromone would no longer be produced, hormonal deficiency obligates.

To test their hypothesis, scientists Susan Ranko and Joan Friebely 1 recruited 44 postmenopausal women (57 years of average) to whom they proposed to add in their favorite fragrance, the famous compound Athena Pheromone 10: 13 ™. This substance has been isolated from sweat emanating from the armpits of fertile and sexually active young women. Participants were divided into two groups: half receiving the pheromone and the other a no-effect compound (placebo). In order to have credible results, neither women nor researchers knew who was in what group until the final collection of results, a method called "double blind"

For 6 weeks, each woman had to note the intensity of the affection of which they were the object. At the end of the study, 41% of women on pheromones had their parameters improved compared with only 14% on placebo. Among married women, 5 out of 6 women in the pheromone group saw increased sexual activity, compared with only 3 in 5 in the placebo group.

Even if the latter parameter is not statistically significant, the other results could seriously revive the debate about the effectiveness of pheromones.

At the origin of the discovery of the pheromone, biologist Winnifred Cutler is enthusiastic about these new data and their publications in scientific journals of reference 2. Jealously guarding the identity of his compound, The patent for fear that it will pass him under the nose. His company Athena Institute, a research laboratory specializing in the well-being of women and men, has conducted several studies on this same mysterious substance. The last performed with younger women had given even more significant results 3.

In order to obtain more convincing results, longer and wider studies would be required. Specifying that they have no financial interest in this product, Friebely and Rako point out that three conditions are necessary for these sexual pheromones to reveal their effects: the motivation of the user to improve Her love life, an effective natural or synthetic formula and the availability of partners for the user.

Common to insects and some mammals, the influence of pheromones on human behavior remains debated. Nevertheless, the studies accrediting this thesis have multiplied for several years 4,5,6. Will we see tomorrow fragrances with the real aphrodisiac virtues? Faced with the potential market for such a product, laboratories engaged in its development have undoubtedly had a hollow nose!


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